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Sony Explains Why PlayStation VR Might Be A Cut Above

Not all virtual reality tech is created equal.

Sony's new PlayStation VR, which is expected to launch during the first half of 2016, has been getting plenty of attention lately.

The formerly named Project Morpheus is definitely a promising device and it may offer a sharper, more realistic experience than any other VR tech out there. Dr. Richard Marks, Director of Sony PlayStation Magic Lab, recently gave an interview to Tom's Hardware (see it below); Marks helped bring you gadgets like EyeToy and PlayStation Move.

Now, in addition to revealing that work on PlayStation VR began back in 2010, Marks explains the advantage Sony's tech has when it comes to a display:

"Not every 1080P screen is the same. Ours has three subpixels per pixel, which means true RGB for every pixel; some of the other displays actually don’t have the full RGB for every pixel, so they have less subpixels per pixel.

The frame rate of PS VR is also very high, but probably the biggest effect is the optics. The designers have done a really good job at matching the optics to the field of view to the screen."

We still don't have an exact date or price just yet, but Sony recently said to expect a cost similar to a new gaming platform . As a frame of reference, PlayStation 4 launched at $400. The system just received its first permanent price cut .

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