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Doom E3 Teaser Gives Us A Tiny Peek At Some Gameplay

Here's a game that could get a ton of applause when it busts out of the gate at E3.

It's the anticipated Doom reboot, which publisher Bethesda should put on display at the industry's biggest event in June.

And here's a brief teaser trailer for the game…don't start drooling just yet, though, as it's only about ten seconds long, with the briefest glimpse at gameplay. What we do know is that if you pre-ordered 2014's Wolfenstein: The New Order , you're automatically in the Doom beta. No further details on that just yet but expect them to arrive at E3.

If you're wondering, "Doom 4" was a real title (that's where we got this picture from) but the project was eventually scrapped and rebooted. That's what we'll see in June and honestly, I can't wait. Love Doom .