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LEGO Jurassic World Roars Onto Shelves Next Month

The summer release schedule is usually pretty thin but in 2015, at least you can have a blast with a new LEGO game from Travellers Tales.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that LEGO Jurassic World will release on all major platforms on June 12.

They also gave us an adorable new trailer featuring "big dinos, tiny dinos, scary dinos, friendly dinos, angry dinos, baby dinos, goofy dinos, battling dinos," etc. If you're interested in pre-ordering: GameStop will give you a LEGO Dino Trap Mini Playset, putting your deposit down at Target nets you a Dr. Wu Minifigure, and pre-ordering at Wal-Mart will yield a $10 movie cash certificate.

These games are always fun – and typically high-quality – even if they're geared toward a younger age group.