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Hardline Sales Indicate Rapid Growth For Next-Gen Consoles

"Generational fatigue" was a very real thing toward the end of the last era.

Maybe that's why we're seeing so many gamers who have already jumped into the new generation. According to Electronic Arts, tallied sales for Battlefield: Hardline definitely point toward a rapid transition.

During the company's recent earnings call , CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed that "approximately four out of every five copies of Battlefield Hardline sold for consoles were for Xbox One or PlayStation 4." He added that the transition from last-gen to current-gen indicates "much faster growth" when compared to past console periods. Furthermore, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the company anticipated nearly 50 million current-gen consoles will be in homes by the end of the year.

As for Battlefield: Hardline , it wasn't a bad game at all, and it's no surprise to see 80 percent of sales going toward PS4 and Xbox One. Millions of hungry consumers really jumped all over the new consoles in 2014.

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8 years ago

Consoles dont run 600fps tho…

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