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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Drops, Launch Trailer Revealed

The standalone prequel to last year's well-received Wolfenstein: The New Order is here.

And to celebrate, publisher Bethesda has released the launch trailer for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood .

The trailer shows off a variety of brutal imagery, some of which features the new pipe weapon that we've seen before. If you loved the first game, chances are, you'll love the prequel, and it'll only cost you $20. It's only available via digital channels but a physical format version will be released in Australia/New Zealand on May 14, and in Europe on May 15. The Old Blood is available now if you're interested.

Eight chapters and two main campaigns are probably worth twenty bucks, wouldn't you say?

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8 years ago

I started to play this morning and the game is a lot of fun.

Well worth 20 bucks, I would recommend it to newcomers so they can see what they missed with The New Order.

mk ultra
mk ultra
8 years ago

Keep meaning to pick up The New Order. Will wait for this to go on sale and pick it up then.

8 years ago

well i'll wait for the physical copy till after may 14 in nz that'll be good fun

happy gaming

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