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PSXE Poll Update: Treyarch Didn’t Impress With Black Ops III

The reveal trailer and gameplay details went over well with some gamers.

But PSXE readers aren't convinced.

We wanted to know our community's reaction to the recent unveiling of this year's Call of Duty: Black Ops III and according to our recent poll, now we know: "Meh, it's just another CoD." Unfortunately, that's a pretty common viewpoint these days but maybe they'll be convinced when they see more gameplay. I suppose all we can hope for is another solid Call of Duty entry, like last year's Advanced Warfare . The series just needs to keep going in the right direction!

This week, we want to get your thoughts on the current status of PlayStation Vita. We recently wondered which games might possibly save Sony's floundering portable and some of you said there simply was no saving the system. Is that what the majority of you believe? Or is there still hope for Vita?

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8 years ago

Yet most of these "unimpressed" people are probably still going to buy it and find something to complain about
The Vita on the other hand, that little device was asking to be saved since it launched, poor thing

Last edited by souljah92 on 5/4/2015 2:35:57 AM

8 years ago

I'm just unimpressed by Black Ops III because it looks like more of the same.

The Vita is fine. If you don't like Japanese games, it looks like it needs saving, but it doesn't.

8 years ago

A new Syphon Filter 4 the Vita would be nice….

BTW, for those who wanted to know….or even cared LOL…
"YES" I'm still alive & kicking.

Had to go on the government dole(hated it)to survive till I reached my 62 year old social security retirement age this past November.

Can't explain much more at this time due to the fact that I'm using Mc'Donalds free wifi & they don't like it when you overstay eating your Big Mac & their wifi time-limit suddenly expires in the middle of my post(as has been done with my last "I'm back" post, damnit.

And even with no internet of my own, I still to read "almost" every thread & post here.

I'll be back here again for another short bit, during my next week's tongue dance with a very sensual 1/2 quarter pounder & her small fry….

Last edited by BikerSaint on 5/4/2015 12:14:21 PM

8 years ago

The Vita needed software as impressive as its hardware from the get-go. Sony never really seemed to get that mobile gaming is different from console or PC gaming.

8 years ago

its just another COD as far as i'm concerned they say the same theing about it every year. and it fails to do that every year so stuff it can't be bothered.

and with the vita i think i could use quite a few decent games to get it going again what those games are will be idk thats anyones guess at this point

happy gaming

Last edited by Rachet_JC_FTW on 5/5/2015 3:59:43 AM

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