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SuperGiant’s Acclaimed Bastion Lands On PlayStation 4 Today

Supergiant is one of the most talented small developers out there, and they've got some news.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , the critically acclaimed Bastion arrives on PlayStation 4 today.

A beautiful, inventive action/RPG with tons of appeal, this game is fantastic for those who are a little bored with all the big-budget productions. Bastion offers a certain gameplay style you just don't find anymore, and the artistic sensibilities might also remind someone of a time long gone. Check out the new Intro Trailer below and see if you can resist…

Supergiant also did last year's excellent Transistor ; if you missed out, maybe now's the time to dive in. And after that, you can give Bastion a whirl.

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9 years ago

I just started playing Transistor thanks to Plus. At first it was ok, but the battle system really grew on me. After starting to play with the functions and add the limiters it became a great challenge and the test rooms really expand upon learning the subtleties of the combat system.

Both Bastion and Transistor are great games. If you've never played either I'd highly recommend them.

Last edited by TGSA on 4/7/2015 12:54:05 PM

9 years ago

id like to check this game out, been eyeing it for awhile. i havent seen it in the store yet though it says coming 4/7, ill wait til later today to see if it pops up.

but that bloodborne…

9 years ago

Yeah would not be there yet. They(PSN) tries for 2PM PT/5PM EST but sometimes is later 3-4PM PT/6-7PM EST for the store update.
Which I think is crazy late for a store update.

9 years ago

i might consider it but i am wondering is it cross buy cos i'd possibly have it for both ps4 and vita

happy gaming

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