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Dragon Age Jaws Of Hakkon DLC Expands To PlayStation In May

Come May, PlayStation fans can finally expand on their stellar Dragon Age: Inquisition experience.

The Jaws of Hakkon DLC initially debuted on Xbox One and PC and fans have been wondering when it will arrive for other platforms. We figured we wouldn't have to wait too long and thankfully, developer BioWare confirmed the estimated date on Twitter :

Jaws of Hakkon lets players "discover the fate of the last Inquisitor and the powerful dragon he hunted," and the setting is an "overgrown wilderness" that is home to the Avvar hunter people. Those who download this expansion will also get to fight new enemies and locate new legendary armor and weapons. You'll need that awesome equipment, too, because the final battle pits you against an "ancient god of war bent on destroying the world."

You ready for some more Dragon Age ?

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8 years ago

Never managed to beat it. I was so busy in December and January that when I finally had time to play it, I was playing Dying Light and other games.

Mainly because I'm in some giant landscape with giants and stuff. I don't even remember what I'm doing.

8 years ago

….Aaaaaaannnnd another cash grab. This clearly should have been part of the final product as it seems to conclude our characters journey. I mean the game ended on a cliff hangar. Common trend nowadays sadly. I mean Assassin Creed is just hanging on with constant cliff hangars in its real world setting and irrational conclusions minus Revelations Ezio's finally.

But back to Dragon Age. Next entry, squash the fluff referred to as fetch quest and expand the story for which we came to experience. I'm only getting this because I have money left on that freebie $20 ps gift card I got with Bloodborne which I used for Drive Clubs Lambo pack (which should be free smh).

Hopefully this dlc doesn't disappoint. And this time exclusive nonsense is so stupid.

8 years ago

i've been hearing alot about this last few days and most of last week hope it turns out as well as it looked like it would be

happy gaming

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