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Broken Age Act 2 Confirmed, Full Game Set For PlayStation Platforms

Anything from Double Fine should get the attention of the avid, long-time gamer.

Broken Age was a Kickstarter project that ultimately landed over $3.3 million and the first half of the game released last year.

Now, we know the conclusion will arrive on April 28. The developers also confirmed that on that same day, the full game – Act 1 and Act 2 – will become available on PlayStation 4 and Vita. It will retail for $25 and support Cross-Buy and Cross-Save functionality, which is great for those who own both platforms in question. This is one of those games that you really can't find anywhere else; its colorful originality makes it a bona fide Double Fine production. To learn more, check out this PlayStation Blog update .

Besides, it'll be a nice change of pace after Mortal Kombat X grosses everyone out on April 14.

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9 years ago

i didn't hear about this but idk if i would get it i need to see some gameplay for this if anyone would link some i would appriciate that very much

happy gaming

9 years ago

Finally…finished the first act I think over a year ago now…wonder why it took so long with how much they made via kickstarter AND purchases for the title.

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