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GTAV Online Heists: Teamwork Required

The long-awaited online heists will finally come to Grand Theft Auto V next week.

To celebrate, Rockstar has released a bunch of new screenshots (view them here ) along with a brief teaser video.

The video details the key objectives involved in the Humane Labs Raid, one of five full Heists that will launch in just a few days. As of March 10, these Heists will be available for up to four players; these quests are similar to the Heists in the single-player adventure, in that they span several stages. The upcoming update will also deliver new PvP modes, free-roam activities, and various daily objectives.

Online heists for GTAO are coming to all platforms; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. PC players get 'em when the game first launches for that platform on April 14.

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8 years ago

yeah ceratinly sounds like you gunna need a good team with good co-ordination to pull one of these Heists off

happy gaming

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