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Here’s A Boatload Of Great New Details For MLB 15: The Show

Think this year's The Show entry will be just another roster update with slightly fancier graphics?

Oh, think again.

Developer Sony San Diego has published an impressive and highly detailed post over at the PlayStation Blog , and it highlights many of the new features and improvements baseball fans can expect. Some of it we knew before (such as the ability to transfer save content from last year's iteration) but a lot of it is fresh.

Lovers of our national pastime will also appreciate real-time season sun and shadows, a new slide and tag system, and a new directional hitting interface. Then there's advanced AI logic, user-controlled fielding cut-offs, a new speed paradigm for fielders and base-runners, revamped night lighting, more accurate and photorealistic rendering, etc. It's a veritable smorgasbord of updates and upgrades!

For even more info, feel free to read our recent preview .

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9 years ago

Love it! I have played and loved this series since 2006 and I look forward this upcoming year's version for both the PS Vita (for my lunch breaks at work) and the PS4 for home. 🙂

9 years ago

well its alwasy good with see actually new stuff when you bring a new games in the sports genre just because its usually just a shuffling around other the stuff thats already there(EA- fifa and madden alot of times)

happy gaming

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