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New LEGO Games Include Jurassic World, Marvel Avengers

New LEGO games are headed our way!

TT Games, The LEGO Group, and Warner Bros. have announced several new LEGO installments for 2015.

The first is LEGO Jurassic World , which doesn't come as a big surprise, as we've seen plenty of evidence to support the project. THe game will follow the storylines of the first three movies in the epic saga, along with the upcoming film, "Jurassic World." The game is scheduled to launch in June for all major platforms. Then there's LEGO Marvel Avengers , which offers an array of great superheroes and will be ready to go in the fall.

We also get LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin , which is slated for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS; it'll release on March 24 and bring an "untold story" to fans of the popular TV series. Lastly, there's a mobile version of the previously released LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham on the way as well; it'll be on store shelves this summer.

Good clean fun for the whole family, that's for sure.

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9 years ago

well i will be getting any of these on PC or ps4 cos the last few lego games that came to the vita were quite disapppointing, so heres hope for better lego games

happy gaming

9 years ago

I'll be doing the same. Ever since Lego Marvel Superheroes (Universe in Peril) I've been completely avoiding portable outings. That game had nothing in common with the full version and just plain wasn't fun. A complete rip-off. It's even more of a shame because the Star Wars Original Trilogy PSP outing was outstanding, nearly a decade ago.

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