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Silence: The Whispered World Embraces True Adventure

Pure adventure games are currently enjoying a revival.

That's because teams like Daedelic Entertainment consist of developers who grew up with the likes of Monkey Island , and they want to apply those old-fashioned tenets in a newer, more modern structure.

Enter Silence: The Whispered World , a beautifully artistic adventure game in development for PlayStation 4. As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , the game's unique visual presentation is called "three-dimensional artwork," in which 3D objects and characters are used in 3D environments, but then 2D art is projected on everything.

Beyond the hand-drawn art, there will be plenty of puzzles and here, they'll all be part of the story experience. There won't be any inventory as players focus on one puzzle at a time, which is an interesting approach. As for main characters, two will be playable: Noah and Renie, and both will offer different skills. Noah is stronger than his sister, for instance, but Renie is more curious and thus "more fearless." And yeah, there's Spot, the lovable pet who can shift his shape at will. Very useful!

We'll have to learn more and see some gameplay but we're lovin' the description!

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9 years ago

that sounds cool i do think this sounds like a good concept and it'd like to see more before i make more complete thought on this

happy gaming

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