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Dying Light Gameplay Trailer Highlights A Blend Of Action

With a compelling blend of action, strategy, and even a bit of platforming, Dying Light is a promising title.

And here's our best look yet at the gameplay in Techland's upcoming zombie adventure. Featuring a glimpse of the night zombie enemy, parkour elements, and various weapons, this gameplay trailer is well worth watching.

The Dead Island developers seem to be pulling out all the stops with this one: You will play in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies stalk the rubble-strewn streets. During the day, they're not as active, and you can stock up and prepare. At night, though, everything gets much hairier, and you'll have to struggle – and scramble – to survive.

Dying Light is scheduled to drop on January 27, 2015 in North America.

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9 years ago

I really want to try and be excited for this game but Techlands previous Dead Island games turned out to be charred zombie turds so i will be keeping my moderate expectations by the door.

But i am sure their teaser trailer will be good.

9 years ago

Did anyone else get REALLY put off by the story trailer shown at the PS Experience? Just screamed of cheap melodrama and bad acting was hoping the storyline would improve over Dead Island like it seems the gameplay has but seems I was wrong.

Gameplay and the world still looks great though.

9 years ago

i'm hoping that this is good but we'll see the gameplay and mechanics look pritty solid atm but things could change in a month or 2

happy gaming

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