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David Jaffe To Unveil His New Game At The PlayStation Experience?

You know, we kinda miss David Jaffe.

The man who helped bring you Twisted Metal and God of War hasn't been in the spotlight much lately. Now, though, he's got a new game in the works at a new studio, and we might see it soon…

A new teaser video (see it below) gives us a link to The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, which is indeed Jaffe's new home. If you visit the website, you'll see a strange trailer entitled "Haunted," in which Jaffe himself appears…and it ain't normal. Now, you might assume this means he's working on a new horror adventure, but that isn't the case. He clarified on Twitter :

All we know is that the Bartlet Jones Studio is working on an action game based on a new IP (via LinkedIn ) but we've got no other details just yet. Maybe we'll see the big unveiling during the PlayStation Experience in early December and maybe we'll be looking at the next big exclusive for PlayStation 4!