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Far Cry 4 Season Pass Features New Missions And Weapons

Forget about paying for DLC piecemeal. Just buy it all right out of the gate.

If you're eagerly anticipating Far Cry 4 , you'll probably be interested in the $30 Season Pass, which features several new missions and even a new player vs. player mode.

If you purchase the Season Pass, you'll receive exclusive access to The Syringe, a mission where players have to keep a dangerous drug from falling into the hands of super-villain Pagan Min. Then there's Escape from Durgesh Prison (which is pretty self-explanatory), and the inclusion of series mainstay Hurk. The explosives expert has five missions of his own, which will introduce you to a bunch of new weapons, including the harpoon gun.

If you're looking for something a bit darker, you can try out the Valley of the Yetis, which tasks you with discovering a mysterious cult in the Himalayas. And yeah, you might run into a few of those legendary creatures, too. Lastly, the Overrun multiplayer mode lets you choose the role of Rakshasa or a member of the Golden Path, and you'll fight to control various locations.

Far Cry 4 will release on November 18 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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9 years ago

Be honest , how many of you actually had you r money worth with a season pass ? You save 5 buck in total but lose 10-15 if you get tired before all dlc on that pass are out .

9 years ago

If i am honest – i have never had good value from money for any season pass (looking at you COD). Borderlands was marginally better but there hasn't really been a game with a season pass which kept me hooked for a year or more on the ps3 & nothing yet (or on the horizon will) on ps4.

I am really anti DLC on day 1 which is what far cry are doing. I am still getting the game as I loved far cry 3 but don't plan on getting the dlc or season pass.

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