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Advanced Warfare Gameplay Launch Trailer Exudes Energy

It's almost time to engage in a new era of military combat.

In the new gameplay launch trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , Kevin Spacey's character Jonathan Irons says, "What you're seeing here is advance warfare," and that's exactly what everyone is expecting.

This trailer gives us a great look at the single-player campaign, and it features plenty of that over-the-top explosiveness for which this franchise is so well known. Players will assume the role of Jack Mitchell, a soldier assigned to a special unit working for Atlas, the Private Military Corporation led by Irons. Of course, most people buying this game will be far more interested in the multiplayer, but that doesn't mean the campaign is meaningless.

There are some of us old-fashioned geezers who still believe a great campaign is essential. Silly, huh?

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9 years ago

This game looks like fun 🙂

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