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Famitsu’s Top 5 Flummoxes

Japan's excitement meter always surprises me. Sometimes we expect no love for western games, or tons of love for the big names and then it all gets turned upside down.

Famitsu does a decent enough job of representing the culture and their tops list is worth noting at this point in our dry summer.

What game do you think nabbed the number one spot? Kingdom Hearts III? Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Final Fantasy XV?

Nope, nope, and nope. Kingdom Hearts III hit to a pitiful number 5 on the list. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain fell right off the top 5 but did make the top 10. Final Fantasy XV has still got some hope behind it though for a respectable number 3.

Who took the gold? Persona 5 ! While it's definitely my most waited for and wanted game I thought it was still pretty niche. It's popular in Japan, but that's not saying much when you actually look at sales. Plus there's the fact that we get no news, the studio seems to be barely breathing after an owner change and all we really have is a vague hope that it's coming in 2015 for some kind of system.

Honestly I'd think it would have contracted The Last Guardian syndrome by now.

Sources: GamingBolt


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9 years ago

I'd say the hype I had for XV is slowly but surely dying. MGSV is going to be awesome though. Seeing Big Boss turn into the 'villain' is probably going to be one of the best things in gaming next year.

As for Kingdom Hearts 3, too little too late. I'm enjoying the HD collections but its hard to care about something when its only being brought back as a last resort meassure to remind fans they care. EvilEnix.

Hipster Bloodborne?

9 years ago

Keep trying broodborne

9 years ago

The Pokemon remakes bested MGSV on the list?

And the Last Remnant for PS3 is there too?

Odd list.

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