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New Mass Effect Survey Seeks To Gather Critical Feedback

BioWare is very serious about implementing fan feedback.

They routinely asked the fans questions about what they wanted to see in the new Dragon Age installment, and now they're doing the same thing for the next Mass Effect .

The developer has launched a fan survey that will ultimately help BioWare produce the "best Mass Effect yet." Producer Mike Gamble Tweeted a link to the in-depth survey and thus far, there has been an "overwhelming" response.

The survey asks you a bunch of different questions. For instance, which part of the game are you most looking forward to? Story, Exploration, Combat, or Customization? You can rate your interest on a scale of 1 to 7. BioWare also wants to know how many hours per week you spend playing RPGs, and how you would rank your top three role-playing activities. Also, supposedly to gauge the passion of the participant, they want to know if you attend various events and conventions, and whether or not you enjoy cosplaying.

With all the information they'll acquire, chances are, the new Mass Effect effort will be almost exactly what everyone wants…right?

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9 years ago

Took it. Hopefully with all the people doing that survey that it'll give'em an idea of where to go with the series.

9 years ago

They should know by now that they can't please everyone. Someone will always bitch.

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