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EA Details Ultimate Editions For Madden, NHL And FIFA

If you're a die-hard sports fanatic, at least one of these special editions will appeal to you.

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced the Ultimate Editions for Madden NFL 15 , NHL 15 and FIFA 15 , all of which are slated to drop later this year. All of these special versions will retail for $69.99.

EA has opted to focus on the Ultimate Team modes in each game: Sports fans will get a lot of extra gear, players and other goodies: Madden followers will get three Ultimate Team Pro Packs a week for 10 weeks, along with a Draft Pack that features 10 of the first-round picks from the 2014 NFL Draft. If you're into hockey, the Ultimate Edition of NHL 15 delivers two Gold Packs a week for 25 weeks, and soccer aficionados will get three extra goal celebrations, one Gold Pack a week for 40 weeks, and even five-game access to Lionel Messi in the Ultimate Team Mode.

All three games will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Madden NFL 15 will launch on August 26, NHL 15 is set for September 9 , and FIFA 15 will release on September 23.

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9 years ago

They somehow need to find a way to make MUT games more interesting for me. Playing with a bunch of players I don't care about is not a big selling point.

9 years ago

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I won't buy madden. I will. I have a ps4 now and I am ITCHING for football, but E-Gad they make it seem like such an after though. This year it was like "hey guys, we tweaked tackling a bit, give us $60". They put more effort into NHL 15 and hockey season just ended.

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