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Minecraft Hits PS4, Xbox One In August With Upgrade Deal

Haven't gotten involved in the Minecraft phenomenon just yet? Waiting for it to hit your next-gen console of choice?

Mojang has good news : The uber-popular game is headed to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even the PlayStation Vita in August. The Vita version will be on sale (for $20) through a special PS3/Vita Edition, so if you bought Minecraft on PS3, you'll get it for free and yes, the save data and the DLC is transferrable.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions will also cost $20 but if you already purchased the PS3 or Xbox 360 iteration, it'll only cost you $5 to upgrade. The offer is only good through the month of August, though, so you had best take advantage ASAP. If you have a penchant for building things – were you one of those kids who spent hours and hours with Legos? – and if you're a micromanagement buff, Minecraft is for you.

Just don't let it absorb your life, m'kay?

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9 years ago

Big fan of the offer they put out, means I just need to fork over $5 and I'll get the PS4 edition and a free Vita version anyway. ūüôā

9 years ago


I;'d rather be forced to listen to modern pop music than play more minecraft.

9 years ago

I seriously hate this game. Not because I don't find it fun, but simply, it literally hurts me to play it. At least, it does on PC.

I've technically owned this since the early beta. Could never force myself to buy it again. Something to do with the texture size, or something, gives me a giant headache whenever I even look at it.

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