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Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Set For PS4, PS3, Vita

Hey, remember when Dynasty Warriors really made the PS2 shine? I still recall being impressed with that title.

The popular franchise continues today, and Tecmo Koei America has announced that Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition will land on the PlayStation 4 and Vita. The PS3 gets the game as well, but it's not the "Complete Edition." All titles will be released simultaneously in North America on March 25, 2014.

The PS3 iteration is a standalone expansion of DW8, which launched last July to critical acclaim. This version includes new episodes, five new characters (bringing the total to 82 playable warriors), and multiple hypothetical scenarios that alter the storylines of various episodes. There's also an expanded Ambition Mode and Free Mode, which now has a new "Ultimate" difficulty level.

As for that Complete Edition on PS4 and Vita, it includes all the content from both DW8 and Xtreme Legends , as you might expect. It also lets you transfer your PS3 save data for DW8 to the PS4 and Vita, which is great for avid fans. So who's up for another Dynasty Warriors ?

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10 years ago

Ooooo! This guy is excited. I've been a rabid DW fan since I played the first one years ago. I've been jamming on DW8, Warriors Orochi 3, and DW:Next, so I am thrilled to see some more DW love for the Vita (Next is a hell of a lot better than any other handheld iteration).

10 years ago

Love it! Cant wait to play it.

10 years ago


I never understood why they always separated XL and the main game. I will definitely pick up the PS4 version.

Btw, yup, I finally got one (PS4). Been having fun with it!

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