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Max Payne 3 DLC Delayed, New Date Coming “Very Soon”

If you're still having a blast with Max Payne 3 , you were probably counting on that Hostage Negotiation Pack DLC to arrive last month.

But it never arrived and now, Rockstar has issued an update, in which we learn the downloadable content has been pushed back .

There is no new release date just yet but the developers have apologized for the extra wait:

"Our apologies to Max Payne fans who've been waiting for this one and the other upcoming packs; we're working hard to bring you this and all the other DLC and should have a release date to announce for this next pack very soon."

The upcoming pack will feature a bunch of content, including four new multiplayer maps (Club Moderno, Estadio Do Galatians, Favela Heights, and O Palacio Strip Club), two new weapons (M24 Sniper Rifle and IA2 Assault Rifle), and three new items, each of which offers a special bonus. There's the Intimidation Mask, which slows down an opponent's reload time, the Explosive Burst, which creates fiery traps, and the Bomb Suit, which protects against fire/explosive damage.

The Hostage Negotiation Pack will be $9.99 on the PSN whenever it finally arrives. Maybe later this month…?

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11 years ago

I haven't even touched the MP.

11 years ago

It's pretty fun, but there really isn't anything that will amaze you in the Multiplayer. I played it for about three hours and then decided I had my fill. Single player is where I spend most of my time on Max Payne 3, easily.

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