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PlayStation Visual Arts

PlayStation Visual Arts Hit With Round Of Layoffs

Another developer under the PlayStation Studios brand has been hit with a round of layoffs. This time, the team getting axed includes PlayStation Visual Arts staff.

The team has been working on an unannounced AAA multiplayer game. These layoffs likely just mean it’s restructuring, as many of Sony’s studios have been doing as of late.

Former PlayStation Visual Arts project coordinator John Borba took to LinkedIn to announce he was let go from the company.

While it isn’t confirmed, some speculate the studio was working on The Last of Us Factions with Naughty Dog. Earlier this month, it was reported the multiplayer project was scaled back supposedly after Bungie raised questions about how the game will keep the player engaged for extended periods of time.

Sony hasn’t said anything about the layoffs, but restructuring and reevaluation of projects was something we knew was going down after Concrete Genie developer, PixelOpus, was shuttered earlier this month.

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