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Sea Of Thieves Tops PlayStation Sales Charts

Sea of Thieves released earlier this month to PlayStation after years of content developed exclusively for Xbox and PC. Well, naturally, a lot of people gunned for the chance to start their swashbuckling adventures.

Based on download charts on the PlayStation Blog, in fact, it seems to top the PlayStation Store. In the EU, it actually takes the top spot while here in North America it fits snugly in third place below first-party games like Stellar Blade and Helldivers 2, which is slowly getting back its positive rating on PC after backtracking on some not-so great decisions on Sony’s part.

This comes after a Circana report alleged the game finished in second place in the States. We assume this is probably due to a smaller number of Canadian folks looking to hop aboard, making the game falter a tiny bit behind from being higher in North America.

Beyond Sea of Thieves topping the PS5 charts, Fallout 4 tops the PS4 downloads across the board thanks to the Fallout TV show. Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition takes home gold for PSVR 2 games, with Beat Saber naturally coming in second. VR boxing game Creed Rise to Glory tops the regular PSVR, with it a toss up between Beat Saber — in North America — and Job Simulator — in the EU — taking second place.

With the free-to-play tier, it’s expected — North America likes its Call of Duty: Warzone while the EU enjoys flossing and default dancing (excuse the cringe) in Fortnite.

What do you think? Is a pirate’s life for ya? Let us know below!

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