If you’re a big Lemmings fan, mark down May 23rd on your calendars. SCEA has announced that the will be the day that an all-new Lemmings game hits the PSP.

"Lemmings delivers a very unique and addictive style of puzzle gameplay
that players of all ages can enjoy," said Susan Nourai, director, online and
product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "As the franchise
turns 15 this year, we are happy to see the enduring appeal it has for fans
around the world and are thrilled that today's generation will be able to
experience the excitement of Lemmings on PSP."

As usual, players will need to control the Lemmings to avoid doom and disaster, including the threat of raging rivers, steep cliffs, pits of lava, mechanical spikes, and flame-throwing turrets that threaten the Lemmings' safety. Lemmings features more than 150 levels, including more than 20 all-new puzzles created specifically for the PSP. In
addition, the game will host a new mix of music, custom level creation, and
wireless capability to share newly created levels.

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