The Amazon Marketplace, a way for entrepreneurs to sell their product on Amazon’s platform, was under some scrutiny recently. As Amazon Prime Day comes to a close, it was discovered by internet sleuths that some deals were too good to be true.

Frostpunk and Surviving Mars were, for a brief period of time, being sold for as little as $2.99. However, users were wary of the surprisingly large discount. So, a Reddit user by the name CodependentlyWealthy dropped their hard-earned cash and checked out Frostpunk. As expected, the game wasn’t legit.

The metadata files show it was originally sold by GOG. This is indicated by GOG-specific files like Galaxy64.dll which runs its client. The game was then resold by Ace Media Group LLC with the uninstaller not working.

This was then brought to Amazon and 11 Bit Studios’ attention. They are currently working with Amazon to provide a way to mend the situation and satisfy all parties, including those who bought the game on the platform.

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