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Indie Game Revenant Hill Canceled

Indie studio The Glory Society has amicably decided to suspend operations, leading to Revenant Hill getting canceled. The game was showcased during a PlayStation showcase back in May.

The studio announced the cancelation on its website — and Twitter — stating that two of its key members, ones who couldn’t be replaced, were struck with some serious health issues. Studio co-creator Scott Benson later came forward on social media as one of the two, stating over the last year, he’d been very sick and was eventually diagnosed with severe heart failure, leading him to be unable to work as he previously did.

Revenant Hill was going to be the cooperative’s debut game and a spiritual successor to Night in the Woods, a popular indie game that Benson and Bethany Hockenberry — another co-founder — worked on.

What do you think? Were you looking forward to Revenant Hill? Let us know below!

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