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Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Probably Isn’t Happening

Series creator Yasumi Matsuno has denied the existence of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster after years of speculation, thanks to the big Nvidia leak. It’s still possible, as it just not be time to reveal it or perhaps more insidiously, Square Enix is pushing this game without the series creator, but with how involved he is with the series, we’d have some serious skepticism that it really is in the works.

Matsuno took to Twitter to respond to a user asking about rebalancing things for a “possible” remaster. The creator, though, quickly noted that there are no plans for a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster. When it was buried within the Nvidia leak, it gave hope that it would arrive on modern consoles, considering its limited availability. It was remastered to PlayStation Portable back in 2007 and released to mobile devices in 2011, with it actively maintained, but it’s been quiet since.

What do you think? Are you still clinging to the hope of a remaster? Let us know below!

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