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Weekly Rewind: #1

Welcome to the Weekly Rewind, a new column on PSX Extreme
that will look at the week’s big news, the newest releases, sales charts, and
whatever else tickles my fancy. To you, the reader, this is the first column,
but that’s not actually the case. There was a tragic scenario where the
premier column didn’t make it to you – let’s just think of that one as a
dry run that will only make this column better. If you’ve got any ideas for
the column, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] . Now, on to the show

weekÂ’s big newsÂ…

Confirming one of the industry’s most well-known
secrets, Capcom today announced that both Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 are to be
released on the Playstation 2 later this year. Viewtiful Joe will be an
identical port of the Gamecube version released last fall, with the only known
change being the addition of Devil May Cry's Dante as a playable character.
While the port isn't being handled by Clover Studio, the crew who did the
original Viewtiful Joe, Clover Studio will be overseeing it to ensure a quality

Viewtiful Joe 2, on the other hand, is being done by
Clover Studio. Joe and his now-superheroine girlfriend Silvia return to kick ass
as stylishly as they can. The original came under fire for being too difficult,
and as such the team has made Viewtiful Joe 2 more accessible to casual gamers.
No worries for the hardcore though, the game is said to be just as challenging.
Though those statements seem rather redundant, we expect this means that easy
mode will actually be easy this time around.

GameCube exclusive titles hopping to platforms (haha,
hopping to platforms…get it?) where they might actually sell seems to be a
common trend these days. Viewtiful Joe was an awesome game for the Cube, and is
a welcome addition to the PS2 library. The mention that the sequel isn’t going
to necessarily induce strokes like the original did is a good thing to hear.

Need For Speed Underground 2 was announced this week and will certainly brighten a certain Editor In Chief named Arnold’s day.
Sounds like you’ll be able to cruise five different neighborhoods looking for
a race, and there are now more than 30 licensed vehicles that can be customized
in 70 billion different ways.

Did anyone really ask for this? Backyard Wrestling 2 has been revealed and will feature more of everything that made the first
one so, umm, so average.

It’s so purty! PSX Extreme gets a makeover.  
new design is easier to read, more professional, and is no doubt going to get
all of us that work here points with the ladies.

Gone gold/ shipped

Sony Computer Entertainment of America today shipped Siren,
their latest survival-horror title. With 10 playable characters and 78 missions,
Siren's story occurs over the time span of three days. Much like Tarantino's
cinematic masterpiece Pulp Fiction, the missions do not occur in chronological
order, leaving players to make sense of the events that occur. Even more
mysterious is the voice acting, which features British accents dubbed onto Asian

Just what the PS2 needs, another survival-horror game. This
one’s got an interesting twist to it, but then again, each one claims to have something new and refreshing.

Also shipping is the latest Eye Toy game , entitled
Eye Toy Groove. Dust off that camera and get dancing!

For those of you that want to kill rather than dance,
Eidos has released Hitman: Contracts,
a dark look back at the career of 47.
If you haven’t played the previous games, this game’s not likely to do much
for you, but if you’re a fan of the series, there’s no reason to stop liking
it now.

Here are the top selling games from March:


MVP Baseball – 316,467 units


Bond 007 – Everything or Nothing – 125,042 units


Final Fantasy XI – 115,343 units


Resident Evil: Outbreak – 113,333 units


MX Unleashed – 113,016 units


Jet Li: Rise to Honor – 109,998 units


Drakengard – 82,160 units


Need for Speed: Underground – 80,339 units


NFL Street – 70,620 units


The Suffering – 66,368 units


Mafia – 53,086 units


Sonic Heroes – 52,699 units


MLB 2005 – 50,942 units


NCAA March Madness – 49,775 units


NBA Live 2004 – 48,536 units

Six Ea titles amongst the top 15 – they really are the New
York Yankees of the gaming industry. 989 Gets some love with the solid and soon
to be reviewed by yours truly, MLB 2005. It’s not the best baseball game out
there this year, but it’s a big step forward for 989.

There you have it, the first/second Weekly Rewind is in the
books. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, drop me a line at [email protected] anytime. Thanks for reading, and see ya next week.

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