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Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Reverting Rainbow Six Siege Censorship Changes

Earlier this month, Ubisoft announced changes they were intending to make to Rainbow Six Siege to fall in line with Chinese censorship requirements. None of these changes affected game play but they did involve swapping out icons or background items on the maps. For example: knives would change to fists, slot machine would be completely removed, and the removal of blood in the environment; i.e. blood splatter on walls.

Instead of just removing the offending items from the Asian market and leaving well enough alone for everyone else, Ubisoft felt it was too much trouble to have multiple teams support parallel builds.

As to be expected, when it comes to censorship, fans of the series were none to happy about these changes. Many players said that they would stop supporting the game. With the new season not far off, they would not be supporting the game or buy the season pass any more.

Fast forward to today and Ubisoft has just announced that they listened to player feedback and decided that they will now be reverting these changes back to their previous state.

Most of these changes will happen alongside the launch of Operation Wind Bastion. They have asked that players be patient as some changes may still remain in the short term as they try to keep the impact to a minimum while the next season rolls out.

Asian players can still continue playing the same game along with other players, albeit in the censored version one would assume in keeping the game compliant with local laws.

Operation Wind Bastion is available on test servers from today and gamers will get to play two new operators; Kaid and Nomad, and the new Fortress map and more in Year Three Season Four.

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