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Ben’s Week In Review: June 1

Yeah, it's that time of the week again. We've got some big-name games to talk about this time, too.

Yes, Bioshock really is that good

Now that Bioshock has been 100% confirmed for the PlayStation 3, it's time for PS3 owners to celebrate. Of course, it's very late – the game received Game of the Year awards last year – but it's still a fantastic title to add to Sony's repertoire. Like I've said before, I probably would've had difficulty choosing between God of War II , Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Bioshock for the overall Game of the Year in 2007, but I might've given the edge to 2K's ingenious shooter. I loved every minute of that game, with the possible exception of the final boss fight and the ending…which felt kinda anti-climactic after all that "building" during my adventure. Even so, there hasn't been an atmosphere as well designed or engrossing as Rapture in quite some time, and the character upgrade system is excellent. Using Plasmids allows for awesome customization; I invariably go for permanent stat boosters, but you don't have to, and everything around you is always so creepy. Taking on those Big Daddies to save the Little Sisters always felt very noble (and a little disheartening), and the Splicers are freaky .

Here's the bottom line- I might actually buy Bioshock for the PS3 even though I own the Xbox 360 version. Why? Because I probably want to play through it again, and with the addition of all that extra downloadable content (which I never got), it's even more enticing. Yes, yes , the game is that good. …maybe not quite as good as GTAIV or MGS4, but it's close.

What is Konami doing?

So first we hear about this 90-minute cut-scene rumor that is actually verified by several sources, and then this rumor pops up, which says Konami might've actually persuaded critics to remain silent on a few key issues. Now, there may be a reason to hide that 4.6GB HDD requirement for installation, but that's not such a big deal in our estimation, and concealing the length of those cut-scenes seems bizarre. Even if the 90-minute thing were true, shouldn't Konami be proud of that? Or are they really worried that people will see such a number and simply refuse to buy the game? Personally, I think an hour and a half for a cut-scene is not only unlikely (I smell massive exaggeration), but it's also flat out uncomfortable for a video game. However, that being said, we're talking about cut-scenes that are guaranteed to be masterful in every sense of the word, from the voice acting to the choreography. And if that's the case, I'm not so sure I'd be adverse to the idea; I sure as heck wouldn't pass on MGS4 because of it.

Of course, I'm just assuming the MTV Multiplayer rumor is true, and Konami really did ask print reviewers to avoid mentioning such a thing. But if they really did, I just have to wonder why…

Personal gaming update

Well, the last set of missions in GTAIV is starting to annoy the ever-loving crap out of me, but I'll prevail eventually. I'm now at the Gold level in Hot Shots , and there are only a few events left in A Class in Prologue . I won't quite finish everything before MGS4 drops in less than two weeks, but I'll be close! Of course, now I have another problem: Ninja Gaiden II . I'm not as stoked to play that one as I am MGS4, and if it weren't for GTAIV and DMC4, I'd say it'd be 2nd in the running for best game of 2008 so far. I'm just guessing, of course, but if it's as good as the original, it'll be well worth playing for any avid gamer. I'm not very good at these technical action titles – I prefer God of War – but I can proudly say I beat the original NG on Normal, plus the original DMC3 (not the Special Edition, which featured a "Normal" difficulty as default instead of "Hard"). I'll be able to finish NG2, even though it'll be tough. It's gonna be great, but I guess I'll have to pass on it for now.

You just have to get your priorities straight. And as far as I'm concerned, finishing GTAIV and playing MGS4 rank ahead of NG2. Tecmo's sequel will be played at some point this year, though.

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