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Ben’s Week In Review: April 6

It has been another week loaded with positive news surrounding the PS3, which is in stark contrast to this time last year. So let's talk about that first-

2008: The Year of the PS3

Sony is certainly putting the pedal to the metal this year, and they're not afraid about expressing that ideal . I remember one year ago, searching around for news and finding nothing but the worst sort of reports and predictions surrounding Sony's new next-gen console. While I remained convinced that Sony's marketing tactic was sound – history is always a good teacher when it comes to business – I was disappointed in the system's progress. The software wasn't there, the price was too high, and while Blu-Ray appeared strong early, it wasn't a big enough advantage. But I knew in the back of my mind that the software would be coming (what console didn't experience a drought during its first year?), and that's what mattered. Furthermore, as 2007 rolled forward, it got clearer and clearer that Blu-Ray would likely emerge victorious. And when it did earlier this year, I knew the floodgates were open. The likes of GT5, MGS4, FFXIII, Killzone 2 and more was on the way, PlayStation Home was closing in, both the production costs and retail price of the PS3 had dropped considerably, and consumers were responding.

In short, this is a complete 180 we're looking at. The PS3 has all the momentum in the world now, whereas early last year, it seemed mired in a depressing downward spiral. But as Sony tends to do with their platforms, they've pulled out of it in the second year, and everything is coming up roses. I wonder…Sony is excited now, but were they at all concerned last year? Or did they know this would happen all along? They said it would happen, but how positive could they have been in the face of such negative press? Well, perhaps we'll never know, but it doesn't matter now. Onwards!

April Fool's was fun, huh?

We do apologize for toying with your heads, but come on…most of you knew we would run some super-entertaining – yet super-fake – stories on April 1. Arnold's $150 No Blu-Ray PS3 was fantastic – Sony mentioned it over at the official PlayStation blog – and as for mine…well, I just wanted to see that news in print. I get the sinking feeling that I'll never be able to write a legitimate news story about a Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake , so I kinda just wanted to see what it would look like. Nobody wishes that report was true more than I, but remember, while it was all fake, the idea of a Final Fantasy XIII playable demo packaged in with The Last Remnant isn't too far-fetched. Square-Enix has been known to do this in the past, which is why I cited the FFXII demo included with Dragon Quest VIII . That part may end up becoming true before the year is out, but unfortunately, I can't seem to find any new evidence that would indicate a FFVII remake for the PS3.

The only possible hope we have left is what Square-Enix said just recently- that they weren't done with the "FFVII Compilation" they started during their 20th Final Fantasy anniversary celebration last year. What could the final project be…? If it really is a FFVII remake for the PS3, I'll weep tears of joy. If it's a remake for the PSP, however, those will be tears of sadness.

Personal gaming update

Not much has changed, just because I've been working very hard lately. I'm probably only a few hours from finishing up Lost Odyssey , and I should be able to get in plenty of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds time before Grand Theft Auto IV on the 29th. Prologue drops soon, too, of course, but that's something I can always sit down and play for an hour or two. Beyond that, just MGS4 and a few others of interest, and I will add one more game to my radar- White Knight Story , which I believed is now called the White Knight Chronicles . It was delayed last year, but Level 5 is bringing it back around into the public eye again. All the latest news regarding this very promising RPG has been excellent, and I can't wait to see another video update. What we saw at last year's Tokyo Game Show was plenty good enough, but apparently, things are looking even better now. While I will always miss the traditional turn-based style – I fear Lost Odyssey will be the last one – I'm willing to embrace great new RPGs like White Knight Chronicles . Let's hope it turns out as good as they claim!

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16 years ago

Yay for Sony! Its sad that no matter what noone will be the bigger man(company) and say "yeah we lost that fight(microsoft and their hd-dvd)" But its more like "yeah we're not depending on hd, we're counting on software…blah blah blah" shut up! you know that one stung!

Anyway about the jokes…yeah well the no blu-ray ps3 was decent…but that FFVII Remake one…it was more cruel than funny ::glares:: 😛

Personal gaming update myself, rented Army of Two and Dark Sector…both are very good rentals but Army of Two might become a buy = lots of customizable weapons and just a blasty blast to play. Dark Sector, I didn't notice any sort of obsessive camera bobbing to make my gameplay less fun. 2 good games worthy of a rent I'd say 6-8hrs to finish either one.

Also I feel bad for Ben, alot of games are coming out…I hope the games are coming out in a decent amount of time in between for you to get some full enjoyment out of the games rather than just rushing through.

Ben Dutka PSXE
Ben Dutka PSXE
16 years ago

Sometimes, you SHOULD feel bad for me. I have to get reviews done on crappy games when I want to be playing GOOD games. Heh…but it's my job and I love it. 🙂

Besides, at the very least, it keeps me diverse. And right now, I'm not too far behind. I'll be done with Odyssey very soon (this week), and then I get to play HSG for a while before GTAIV. Unbelievably enough, I also don't have any other games in the hopper besides UT3, which I haven't quite finished. It's because there aren't any other RPGs I'm dedicated to right now.

16 years ago

Bluray-less PS3 is going to happen.

My reasons for this prediction are:
1. BD in PS3 is a tactical, not a logical, necessity. To play a game, BD is not necessary.
2. BD has won the HD war, and PS3's mission to achieve this goal has been accomplished. Sony can now afford to remove BD from PS3, making it as an option for some models.
3. By so doing, Sony can get rid of the last obstacle in order to win the console war – pricing.

PS3 with sub $200 price tag will come.

16 years ago

Current games on PS3 are on BD, so removing it would at least mean all current titles wouldn't be playable.
Reports say that both GTAIV and MGS4 take up a full BD. 50 gigs is a bit much for DVD to take and i think a little too big for download right now too (even with a 320gb hdd upgrade you'd be pushed to get many games on there).
And of course there's the fact that the 360's games are based on DVD, so PS3's BD based games have at least a size advantage over the competition.

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