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Ben’s Week In Review: September 1

It's already September, which means the Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner and the holidays are looming large on the horizon. So of course, this translates to more game stuff to talk about!

"We can't do it, so you suck"

This is basically what EA was saying in this reprehensible temper tantrum (that we never heard more about, by the way). Anybody who reads that mini-rant will be forced to come to the exact same conclusion: it's simply one giant, thinly veiled case of sour grapes. EA has been struggling to handle the PS3's hardware – which is painfully obvious – and because of that, this guy steps up and says, "the PS3's development tools 'just suck.'" Yeah, the PS3's dev tools suck because you suck. The worst part of the entire argument is that we have numerous developers who are embracing the PS3, and many more who at least acknowledge the vast potential of the system. They don't sit around blaming others for their own lacking. EA's biggest rival in the sporting realm, 2K Sports, has already revealed that their games are going to run at 60fps on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. A bunch of other devs are excited to be producing some gorgeous games for Sony's system.

And this guy actually has the gumption to sit there and criticize when EA is quite simply failing to produce? Are you kidding me? EA, grow up. Please.

Oh look, here comes the FF VII remake rumor again

It's a relatively innocuous statement , but of course, it's enough to spark yet another resurrection of the Final Fantasy VII remake rumor. Well, "resurrection" might be the wrong word…the rumor was never really dead in the first place. But it has certainly come back into the limelight because Sony boss Kazuo Hirai wrote on a pink sticky note: "The best is yet to come!" It appeared at Square-Enix's Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary gallery opening, which obviously points subtly towards the awesome possibility of seeing FF VII remade on the PS3. But he may just be ramping up the hype surrounding Final Fantasy XIII . The statement is far too general to mean anything specific, which is causing me to flip-flop back and forth between several options. I don't really see how Hirai would know about this in the first place, but then again, maybe the project has been in the works for a while…

Or, it could mean absolutely nothing. Square-Enix has said multiple times this is a project that simply wouldn't be feasible in the near future. Of course, as Arnold says, they probably don't want to rob Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII of any valuable attention, so perhaps they're waiting until the end of the year to make the biggest announcement. It is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy this year, and they said they wouldn't reveal everything until the end. See? Anything could happen.

The conspiracy continues

For most of 2007, I've been the victim of a major conspiracy engineered by Sony Corp. They have continually provided me with more and more reasons to break down and purchase a PSP, and every reason seems specifically tailored to my gaming interests. There was the completely original God of War: Chains of Olympus announcement, coupled with the unveiling of The Dracula X Chronicles . Then my favorite game of all time showed up in excellent remade form; Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War . And now, they produce another strategy/RPG that's apparently awesome- Jeanne d'Arc . I've heard a lot about this game, and now that it's getting all this wild critical acclaim, I want it – and the PSP – more than ever. What's the deal, Sony? I'm really not into handheld gaming, I really don't want to drop $200 on the PSP (there are a ton of other games this year I want), and both FFT and Jeanne d'Arc would take up a huge chunk of my time.

And yet, I still want one. Sony is painting me into a corner, here.

Personal Gaming Update

This'll be quick 'cuz not much has changed- I picked up Warhawk this past week but haven't played it yet because I really want to finish Bioshock . I'm nearing the end of that crazy sweet FPS, though, so I should be able to dive into Warhawk soon. The only issue I have is that I'm going to be away for most of Labor Day weekend, and when I get back, Heavenly Sword will be a week away. And then later on this month, Halo 3 arrives. But I think I can wait on both of those, if only because I can always try for them as Christmas gifts. Besides, there are plenty more I want for 2007, and that includes Assassin's Creed , Unreal Tournament 3 , Haze , Mass Effect , and more. I'm pretty sure I can't have my backlog start early, because I'll end up with an impossible-to-deal-with backlog by the time 2008 rolls around.

But hey, who's complaining? The more games the better! 🙂

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