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Arnold’s Press Pause and Rewind: August 26th

To anyone in attendance, or following Sony's conference during
the Leipzig Games Convention earlier last week will probably
agree on one thing: it was terrible. I mean, nothing short of
awful. Sony wasn't alone, of course, all of the big conferences
were pretty boring. In the days approaching the convention,
Sony's exact word for their announcement was
"fireworks" – in other words, that they'd be setting
off fireworks with their announcements.

Well hell, all I saw was a dimly lit firecracker that made about
as much noise as a shriveled leaf. I mean, why get our hopes up
so high? Sony announced a digital recording service, among some
other products that will likely never take off and gain any sort
of momentum. Products that appeal to a very limited few. They
didn't announce any new games, or any cheer-worthy announcements
like they had at E3. Honestly, they could've saved this stuff for
a more hardware oriented show like CES, even though it is ways

And you could just tell that Sony used all of their firepower at
E3, because they knew they had to sweep E3 and win over attention
of the attendees (and they did). Now, only a month later, the
presentation they shared with us dragged on. Each segment of the
conference dragged and dragged…and dragged. Even the Gran
Turismo video, which was beautiful, was unusually long for a
conference trailer.

Wheres's the new controller? Where is my Final Fantasy VII
remake. Dammit! Where are my explosive announcements? Is it such
a crime to want more and more? E3 wasn't enough. I tend to notice
that when a company doesn't throw around hyperbole over pending
announcements, it usually ends up with something awesome. But
when claims of "fireworks" are being thrown around, it
leads to only disappointment. Booo!

Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner, now. So hopefully we
get to see some pretty exciting announcements out of that. My
expectations are pretty low at the moment, but hopefully rumors
of possible announcements raise them just a bit.

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