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Ben’s Week In Review: August 5

The Grand Theft Auto IV delay isn't a travesty…for me, anyway

Yes, we're all well aware of the bombshell: GTA IV has been delayed until Q2 2008, and everyone is just totally freaking out. "Oh, my year is ruined !" "Now I have nothing to play!" Blah, blah, BLAH. Are you kidding me? Granted, there was the possibility that earlier this year, we could've seen MGS 4, DMC 4, GTA IV, and even FF XIII before 2007 was over. But nobody in their right mind actually believed that, and while not a one will make it this year, the world isn't ending. I promise. In case you people hadn't noticed, there are still an absurd number of potentially awesome games scheduled for the next five months. And just to refresh your memory, here are a few of them-

Is that not enough? No, we don't get GTA IV, and no, we don't get a few other blockbusters that were postponed until 2008. But damn, if there's not enough for you, then you either have no idea what's coming, or you have more time than anyone else on earth.

Warhawk Goes Gold!

Yup, and Sony also revealed all the information for the downloadable version as well, which means there are no more questions to ask. We finally know it all, and consumers can make an informed decision as to which version they want…and yes, you do want one of them. Having played the beta, I can say, without any doubt, the game is wildly addictive and crazy fun. I imagine they've done some tweaking and enhancing for the final version, too, which is gonna make it even better . I normally despise flying games, but this one is so accessible; so easy to just pick up and play, you get sucked into the action extraordinarily quickly. It won't take you long to figure out the controls, but the competition is guaranteed to be pretty stiff.

I also kinda regret not playing a whole lot more (even though I certainly didn't have the time), because Sony is giving out those cool little bonus prizes to the top 100 beta testers! Heck, I probably wouldn't have been good enough to get in the top 100, anyway, but it still would've been fun to try. 🙂

Rainbow Six Vegas represents oodles of entertainment

Oh, yes it does. If I wasn't saving my money for Warhawk and about a dozen other games in the coming months, I'd probably pick this one up. It's one of those games where, as I'm writing the review , I feel as if I'd rather be playing. The crappy games, I'd actually rather be writing (I just love rippin' on the filth), but when a game is this much fun, I'd rather spend all my time erasing terrorist slime from the face of the earth. I love FPSs, and while Rainbow Six isn't usually my bag, Ubisoft Montreal's new emphasis on straightforward action is a big plus for me. Yeah, there's still some squad-based stuff, but I never found that bothersome or annoying in the slightest. It's pretty darn easy to do, really.

If you're a fan of the series, Vegas is an absolute can't-miss, and even if you're just a fan of FPSs in general, you really ought to give it a try. It's super great for multiplayer, too, so don't forget about that!

Personal Gaming Update

Well, I'm 27 hours into my fourth (at least, I think it's my fourth) replay of Final Fantasy VII , and as usual, I love it to death. Best RPG ever. Period. I'll probably finish it up just in time to start playing Warhawk when it comes out at the end of the month, and I'll also want Heavenly Sword in September. Lair isn't really my thing, but one other game – which comes out this week, I think – has really caught my eye: Stranglehold . It was this video that did it; doesn't it look ultra-insane? The only reason I'm not buying it immediately is simply because I don't necessarily want to pay $60 for a short game. And I can't be sure how long Stranglehold is…

But anyway, I'm gonna make sure to check up on any early reviews of this game, and if it turns out as good as it looks, I think I really might want it. Chow Yun Fat is the man , anyway. 🙂

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