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Ben’s Week In Review: March 3

Another week, more thoughts from me. Yeah, you know you want to read 'em.

Extra Resistance Stuff in April

It's still the best game on the system, without a doubt, and it's one of my favorite FPSs ever. Most criticism the game has received is completely unfounded (GameSpot can go hang themselves), and I was very happy to learn we'd be getting extra downloadable content for Resistance: Fall of Man in April. And what's even better? It won't just be the typical multiplayer maps and skins or whatever, this bonus content should actually include enhancements and alterations to the single-player campaign. That is something that many more games need to do; we have these fancy new online stores for a reason, and in all honesty, how many more maps can we make? How's about something a touch more significant?

But anyway, I can't wait for whatever this content turns out to be, and I can't wait for the next game in the series. Let's have some info on that, too, Insomniac!

Oh goody, a new Stuntman

That's not quite sarcasm. At least, not really. THQ has officially announced the existence of Stuntman Ignition , which, depending on the outcome, is both good and bad. The original was a very unique and intriguing concept, as it placed you in the driver's seat for five feature films. You'd drive anything from sports cars to snowmobiles, and it was your job to make the game's action sequences shine with your death-defying stunts. Unfortunately, considering the absolutely insane level of pinpoint precision required, the game was nigh-on impossible to complete (although I'm sure people have done it). It was just outrageously frustrating, right from the start.

The thing is, that's not how stuntmen operate. They don't go through dozens of stunts all at once with no breaks. They do maybe one or two. If THQ can figure that out this time, I'd actually be inclined to give the sequel a shot, but I won't be able to deal with it if it's just Stuntman Phase 2.

Square-Enix chatting about FF XIII's combat

Ah, so we're already talking about the next FF, at exactly the time I finish XII? Gee, thanks. But anyway, as much as I loved the combat in FF XII, and as much as I'm excited about FF XIII, I really wish we hadn't left the ol' turn-based mechanic behind. I guess I'm just a dinosaur in that way, but I play all kinds of RPGs, and I turn to certain games for certain gameplay styles. If I want real-time, I know where to go; if I want turn-based, my best bet in the past was always Final Fantasy. Now, it's like every single RPG on the planet has to be at least quasi-real-time for some reason…I'm blaming it on a short attention span for some gamers. I mean, I understand the benefits and the immersion involved with real-time (not to mention the fluidity of combat), but I still prefer turn-based. It just feels more strategic to me.

That being said, I think everyone will be clamoring to see what the Final Fantasy XIII battle system is all about. In reading about it , it seems very clear that, once again, the team is working on another groundbreaking and revolutionary mechanic. And I suppose if you look at it this way, it can't possibly be a bad thing.

GTA IV Trailer A-Comin'!

Sweeeeet. So finally, after 8 months of absolutely nothing besides fake info, Rockstar is treating us to the first official teaser trailer ! We're counting off the days until March 29, when we'll get a look at what we can expect from Grand Theft Auto IV . What do I want? I want something like San Andreas , only bigger and better…is that too much to ask? Nah, I don't think so. Every game in the series has taken a progressive step, and if you look back at GTA III, you can really see the huge differences. And now, with all new hardware standing at the ready, just how much can be done to the world of GTA? We all have a ton of questions, but if there's one thing I do know, there's a lot to the franchise that centers on personal feeling.

This is why I recognize SA as the best in the series, but VC was easily my favorite. Being a huge fan of the '80s, it just couldn't get any better for me, and I didn't quite identify as easily with the '90s ghetto scenario. I almost wish they had saved the '80s environment for the new generation, because I don't think they can come up with anything I'll like more. Even so, there's zero chance I won't be buying Grand Theft Auto IV . It will rock, no matter what. 🙂

Personal Gaming Update

Just for the heck of it- I'm nearing the end of the fourth chapter in Gears of War (which means I'm almost done, considering there are only five chapters), and it's really quite amazing. It's an incredible achievement, to be sure, and one that will stay with me for quite a while after completing it. As soon as I'm done, I'll launch myself into Splinter Cell: Double Agent and God of War II (releasing on March 13), which means I'm only about a game or two behind, as Okami would be the last one I need to play. Can I catch up? Well, that's very unlikely. I'm sure I'll get sidetracked somewhere and another game or two will get tossed onto the back-burner, but hey, that's how I roll. 😉

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