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The Game Awards 2017: 6 of the Best Trailers

A few days ago they had The Game Awards and overall, it was a pretty good show. Nintendo kind of cleaned house between Breath of the Wild and Mario this year. On the Playstation side, Hellblade did very well. It was nominated for five awards and won three of them. Unfortunately Horizon (the other really good exclusive this year) didn’t win anything, although it was nominated a few times as well. You can see the winners under the trailers.

One thing is clear from this year about The Game Awards: It’s pulling double duty as an awards show and a place for announcements. There were a lot of trailers both for new games and upcoming games we already knew about. Between this and the showings at Playstation Experience, 2018 is looking to be an amazing year.

Let’s get on with the good stuff shall we? 6 of the best trailers (and a bonus) from The Game Awards 2017.

From Software Teaser