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10 Horror Games to Play for Halloween 2017

(warning: this is video heavy article so it might load slow. Also click on title links to learn more about the games)

Well, Halloween is upon us. Just around the corner actually. And it’s a great time of the year to play horror games. The last few years have been pretty generous with good horror games and 2017 is no different. If you need a horror game fix this list should have a little something for everyone. Play one or play them all. Either way you’re in for a good scary time. Here are 10 horror games to play for this Halloween (and some for later this year too). Also, Happy Halloween everybody!

1. Resident Evil 7 – January 24th

When Resident Evil first came out it blew everyone away and and brought the genre of survival horror to a whole new level. It had a lot of legitimate jump scares and plenty of gross mutants. It was a great horror game and really did a lot in bringing these kinds of games to the spotlight. In Resident Evil 7 you play as Ethan Winters who is drawn to an old plantation thanks to a letter from his supposed dead wife. It doesn’t take long to find out the house is inhabited and they certainly are not friendly.