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Editorial: Ten Overlooked Games That You Need To Play

Are you getting tired of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other big budget releases? Let’s slow down a bit, and just relax with my pick of some of the top PS4 gems from indie studios, or games that just never really got the attention they deserved.

10. PlanetSide 2

Not to be confused with the PlayStation 2, PS2 on PS4 is a fantastic free to play first person shooter set in a massive online environment. Three armies duke it out in the air and on the ground for massive scale territory control, much like Battlefield’s Conquest mode. PlanetSide 2 is by far one of my personal favourite games, though the PS4 version of this fantastic game is a tad limited, especially to newer players. Still though, PS2 is fantastic. And free! Download it right now, and let’s play together!

9. Tropico 5

Have you ever wanted to build up an island nation, only for that awesome little nation of yours to revolt against you? I mean, what are these “rights” everyone keeps talking about? Instead of giving in to the demands of your island folk, go ahead and kill anyone that happens to speak louder than your long dead mother. They can’t revolt if they’re all dead, right? That’s logic! Simple logic. Though Tropico 5 is no simple game. You build up a thriving island nation as El Presidente, and must make your people happy. Generate money, export and import resources, and try to survive in this fun tongue-in-cheek city building strategy game.

8. Home

Are pixels scary? Yes. They are. Or at least, they are in Home. I’m not really going to say much more about this game, though let’s just say it’s fun, unique, and oddly terrifying. I mean, what more is there to say, really? Want a review? Too bad! You’re not getting one, so just go and buy this thing already. Trust me, it’s fun.

7. Tricky Towers

What is this Tetris you all keep speaking of? Sounds Russian, and we all know Russia is weird, right? Anyway! Tricky Towers definitely isn’t Russian, nor is it Tetris. In Tetris your goal is to remove blocks. In Tricky Towers, you gotta stack em. That’s easier said than done, as gravity tends to do silly things. But still! If you enjoy stacking things, give this game a try.

6. Destroy All Humans!

Aliens are coming to America! Again! Cause this happened before! No, seriously. Destroy All Humans was originally released on the PS2, and it’s now available on the PS4. So grab your ray gun, and blast your way through the United States of America as an illegal alien. (ps. this publication does not in any way endorse anybody of anything or anyone, nor will we make political jokes about certain people that may or may not wear toupees, and we would never make a joke about illegal immigrants, or whatever else)

5. Destroy All Humans! 2

It’s time to build a wall, as the aliens are back! This time, you’ve got even bigger weapons, more enemies to fight, and in general, more awesome chaos to cause! It’s all the same goodness as before, but better! Cause it’s newer! And newer is better! Yay!

4. Spellspire

Words are weapons. Er, spells. Words are spells. In Spellspire, you gotta defeat enemies by spelling various words using the letters given to you. As you defeat more and more floors, you’ll find yourself going up into bigger and badder bad guys. So if you’re into using words, go ahead and pick this one up.

3. The Surge

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly some old school gem or whatever, but that doesn’t matter. The Surge is a solid game, and I feel like it fell straight off of the map as soon as its initial release died down. The Surge is basically Dark Souls in space. Well, not space exactly. More like, Dark Souls in the future. Future Souls? Yeah, we’ll go with that. So if you’re into dying a lot, give The Surge a try.

2. Cel Damage HD

Alright, look. You know how Twisted Metal was at one time an insanely popular series? Well, Cel Damage is basically a Looney Tunes version of that. It wasn’t super well received by critics, but meh! What do they know, huh?

1. Rogue Legacy

This game is by far one of my favs of the current generation, and is a definite buy for anyone looking to get some 2D platformer action into their gaming schedule. It’s fast paced, addictive, funny, and best of all, super fun.

What’s your favourite non-AAA game, or a game that most people seemingly forgot about, but is still fun to play? Let us know in the comments.

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