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PSX Extreme is on YouTube

Hey guys, Ty here. This isn't exactly a news article, nor is it some kind of heavy worded editorial. Nope, this is basically an advertisement. 😀

See, I'm trying to get a PSX Extreme YouTube channel up and running, and would absolutely love it if some of you guys could give us a sub. As of right now, there's zero videos uploaded, as I'm more or less trying to figure out what we should focus on creating. Obviously news related stuff, but I'm undecided on the format for the channel. So if any of you have suggestions or content tips, please let me know in the comments.

As a quick little bonus, I'd love to see some of your epic gaming moments. Send them in to up****@si*****.com and I'll upload them to our new channel. Might also feature them on the home page of PSX Extreme, so like, get to it! 😀

Link –

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