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Are We Really Going to See Games at E3 2017?

Graphics in games have come a long way since they began. What used to be a small group of pixels that represented a person have now grown into grand 3d adventures that are more realistic then ever. And we’ve reached an interesting time in gaming when the graphics are beyond what they are capable of literally showing. At least for most of us anyway.

While it’s easier then ever to get gaming news and see new games thanks to the internet, we are at a point where we can’t actually see what the graphics have to offer. Both VR and 4k are impossible (for the most part) to show over streaming services because the video you are watching it on is still in a lower resolution. During the PS4 Pro event, they showed several games that were taking advantage of the new hardware but unfortunately, if you weren’t there you didn’t really get it because the streaming video was at a lower resolution.

And VR is even more difficult to get across without actually putting the headset on. It’s one thing to show trailers for VR games but for the majority of people that haven’t been able to try on the headset, it’s going to be pretty lackluster.

I would hate to have to advertise games these days. It’s been pretty difficult to sell VR unless you have a chance to try it out. Games are very much a visual medium as well as a personal experience. unless you get a chance to check these things out in person or if you actually own them, then you won’t get the full experience.

All this is going to make E3 quite interesting for most of us. The majority of people are going to be watching this major gaming event online. At the very least they will be watching the trailers. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that both Sony and Microsoft are going to be showcasing a lot of games using their new consoles, the PS4 Pro and the Scorpio. Which are both very high definition machines.

So all those trailers are going to be very pretty but since it’s streaming on a limited resolution, most people are not going to get the entire point graphically. I wonder if that will affect anything. If there was a more convenient way to show the VR experience would it be doing better? Is E3 going to be full of beautiful montages in high def that most of us won’t be able to truly see?

We’ve reached a point where graphics have surpassed what can be shown to the masses. Unless you are actually there in person you’re not going to get the full experience. Just some food for thought. What do you think?

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