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PlayStation 3: Day 2 Impressions

It was a day where we focused heavily on gaming, thereby giving us a very good idea of the system's launch software , and just how great the games and Blu-Ray movies can look in true high-definition. Lastly, beyond our media playback report, we got a chance to see more of the ins and outs of the PS3.

As you can see from our software thoughts, there are some aspects of the games we're not totally in love with. And you can read up on those details by clicking above, but we'd like to sum up the day by simply saying- we had a serious amount of fun. And in the end, after getting our fill of the best the PS3 launch had to offer, you can color us enthusiastic about the system's future. It's undeniable that the PS3's early software lineup isn't spectacular, but if you can't have fun with those three games we're set to review, your pulse is non-existent.

We also noticed a few interesting aspects of the PS3 and its software-

— The loading times for all the games we played were…well, normal. They seemed no different than what we're used to on either the PS2 or even the Xbox 360, so we consider that a good thing. And the time it takes for the PS3 to get from power-on to gameplay is extremely fast. If the disc is already in the machine, it will start immediately after the power-up is completed (and that takes all of a few seconds).

— We tested out the tilt fucntionality of the Sixaxis with Call of Duty 3 (you twist the controller back and forth to shake off an enemy), and while not a deal-maker, it works just fine. Does it add a lot to the gameplay experience? Well…maybe. We'd have to do more stuff with that tilt before saying for sure.

— For whatever reason, it took us until today to notice the information listed on the back of PS3 game cases. It includes how many players it supports (online and otherwise), how much space the game requires to be installed on the hard drive, whether or not it's Network-enabled, and lastly, what resolution the game supports. For example, Resistance only supports 720p, but Ridge Racer 7 supports 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Call of Duty 3 supports up to 1080i. Good to know before buying your games, yes?

We're going to take a mini-break tomorrow, but make sure to come back for our first reviews and coverage of PSP connectivity and Network play. We plan to bring you the Ridge Racer 7 review on Monday, and we hope to follow that up immediately with a Resistance: Fall of Man review on Tuesday. Later on in the week, we'll post up the Call of Duty 3 review . After that, we'll go from there.

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