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Did The FFXV Demo Convince You To Buy?

So after the mega-huge "Uncovered" event , we now have a confirmed launch date for Final Fantasy XV .

And surprise! We got another demo, too. And as opposed to last year's Episode Duscae (of which Square Enix released two versions ), this one – dubbed the Platinum Demo – is supposed to show off the game's completed graphics and finished combat and magic systems.

It's a pretty hefty 3.8GB download but it'll only take you about a half-hour to complete, or maybe more like 45 minutes if you're trying to explore everywhere. At the end of the demo, you can name the Carbuncle Summon – if you don't like the default name, you can change it – and you're asked if you'd like to order FFXV right then. I'm wondering how many people hit "yes" based on what they played… It's an excellent feature and one more demos really need to have, especially when we're talking about a super high-profile title like this one. Square Enix has a lofty sales goal of 10 million , so they're going to have to pull out all the marketing stops. And besides, as the game won't be here until September 30, it's a good idea to get players to pre-order now, lest the memory of the demo wanes over time.

Do you think there was enough in this particular demo to convince most players of a purchase? Do you think the quality was high enough? Do you think we were given a very, let's say, representative sampling of what the final product will be like? One could argue that as we traverse a child-like dreamscape and roam about with Noctis as a young boy (we use squeaky hammers and toy swords as weapons), it's a little…left of center. It has the atmosphere of a Kingdom Hearts as opposed to an epic, open-world action/RPG where a team of adults travels a huge fantastical world, slaying all manner of crazy demons. So, this demo isn't really indicative of the general design or structure, which some may find off-putting.

What's your take? Has playing this demo convinced you, one way or the other? Or are you still on the fence? If you haven't downloaded it and you don't intend to, but you'd like to see some of it, here's a walkthrough: