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Let’s See More Of Detroit…Like, Now

After being unveiled at last year's E3 , we didn't hear much.

In fact, we've got next to nothing in the way of new info concerning Quantic Dream's fantastic-looking new PlayStation 4 exclusive, Detroit .

We desperately need to see and hear more of The Last Guardian as well, but Quantic Dream has always been one of my favorite developers (even if they don't exactly churn out the titles at a rapid clip). I loved Indigo Prophecy back in the PS2 days and Heavy Rain remains one of my favorite games of all time. I have a thing for narrative-heavy, beautifully paced and orchestrated dramas and as such, Quantic Dream always gets my attention. Remember that great Kara tech demo that turned out to be a teaser for Detroit ? Just the kind of stuff that gets my heart and brain going.

Problem is, the developers have been awfully quiet. We really don't know when to expect the finished product but beyond that, we have little to no information on the actual gameplay . Sure, the trailer looks amazing and we have a good idea of the story, but we need to see it in action. We need more concrete details the whole way around, simply because whenever a team goes absolutely silent, one has to wonder…and worry. Perhaps they're simply not ready to say anything just yet but if that's the case, why bother showing it off at E3 2015? Why not wait until this year's E3? As more time passes, I really do start to side more and more with Bethesda's Todd Howard ; it seems far too many games are coming to light much too early.

Hence, maybe I'm getting antsy for no reason. Maybe they just had a trailer ready last year and that was it. Maybe that's normal. It's just that 8 months of silence after such a big reveal doesn't feel normal, you know?