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Isn’t It About Time For Another Prince Of Persia?

I know Ubisoft is focused on Assassin's Creed these days, and I hear we're getting a sequel to Watch Dogs this year as well. Sounds like it could be the next big IP for the publisher.

But damnit, where'd Prince of Persia go?!

You know, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time might actually rank as one of my all-time favorite games. Not only was it beautiful for the time, but it also featured some of the most ingenious puzzles I've ever seen. On the puzzle ranking list for adventure games, I'd say it's right up there with the likes of Alundra (and if you've never played the latter, you just don't understand). I played Sands of Time on the original Xbox and I just adored that game.

The two after it were pretty darn good as well, though with less of a puzzle emphasis and more of an action/platforming focus. I actually didn't get a chance to finish the third game of that trilogy – The Two Thrones – because the game kept freezing at one point toward the end. I even replaced my copy with another and the exact same thing happened so I gave up. After that, we had to wait a while until the reboot arrived on PS3 and that game was absolutely awesome . The cel-shaded look really won me over and to this day, I say the partner mechanic with Elika is one of the very best ever. I despise babysitting and in that game, your partner was more like an extremely effective tool, and yet still a big part of the story. Then we got The Forgotten Sands , which was indeed a step back but still a fine game.

Thing is, we haven't seen a new PoP entry since that game, which arrived in May of 2010. So, we're going on six years without seeing a Prince installment and that's just plain wrong, isn't it? I suppose we can say Assassin's Creed basically replaced the Prince of Persia IP – there are plenty of similarities, of course – but I don't buy that. If they would produce a gorgeous, puzzle- and platforming-centric PoP for PS4, I think a lot of people would be very excited. I know I would be.