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Ben’s Week In Review: May 24

I'll punch this out fast so I can get back to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . 🙂

A Bloodborne expansion might get me back into that game

I don't know if people realize this, but playing a game for fun and playing it for review purposes are two entirely different things.

Bloodborne is one game that demands your full attention, but a critic's attention is different (at least for me). Rather than immersing myself in the experience, in the way I want , I'm trying to ascertain the game's overall quality. So, I'm testing everything from basic gameplay mechanics to the narrative; as such, I have to keep pushing forward. I can't really take my time and enjoy myself. This may sound ludicrous to those who haven't acted as a critic but trust me, it's common among reviewers. I really think it's a big reason why I never finished Bloodborne , and why new content might encourage me to start a new adventure.

Sony says we're getting an expansion and while we have to wait until later this year for info, at least we know it's coming. And as this is a single-player-only experience, I have a feeling I might be intrigued by any extra content From Software creates. Of course, it depends on the timing. If I'm swamped again, starting a new Bloodborne game is out. But you never know…

Yes, the new DOOM is one of my most anticipated titles

Not only is it a legendary franchise and there's a bit of nostalgia tied up in the IP, but I also love the combination of horror and shooter elements. That's why DOOM III was actually one of my favorite games on Xbox 360.

And it's also why I can't wait for Bethesda to unveil the new DOOM project at E3. We got that brief teaser trailer and while it didn't really show anything, it reminded me that I want it. I've long since tired of the standard military shooter and I've had my fill of the Borderlands games over the years. I just hope the developer retains the horror/shooter structure with the new DOOM ; this is precisely what sets it apart. If it feels like a regular modern shooter with a heavy focus on multiplayer and a lame campaign, that's going to be extremely disappointing. Guess I'll just wait for the next Wolfenstein if that happens.

By the way, apologies on not delivering a review for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood . I know it's just a little prequel but I really wanted to play it. Things got nuts.

Personal gaming update

Oh, I'm pretty sure you're familiar. But if not, this one crushing bug ruined my game and I had to start over. As time goes on, more and more bugs start popping up; it seems like an endless train of complaints . And it does appear to affect the console versions most, perhaps the PlayStation 4 version most of all. Obviously, I'm past my initial pondering concerning a perfect 10 score ; this game has no business getting a perfect score. It's far too unstable and unreliable and yes, that's a big part of any video game experience. I just have to determine how it will impact my score. I'll have a better idea after I play more.

One quick postscript: BRAWL is a lot better than Bloober Team's original failure known as Basement Crawl . It still has issues but it's a passable Bomberman -type game and well worth owning if you've got some willing friends.

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8 years ago

I'm excited for the Bloodborne expansion. I do intend to finish my second play through on plus mode. I was quite pleased to read next week's patch allows me to get Blood Rocks from level 4 chalice dungeons. I totally regret not upgrading my Holy Blade with a Blood Rock before beating the game.

I look forward to DOOM but it just seems strange to me that it's not a Carmack game. Yea, I know. Carmack is seen more as a technician of games than as a visionary. That's fine though DOOM has always been a benchmark experience to me, PC-side anyway. I wonder if it will maintain that status without the original tech-wizards. Anyway I do like the DOOM franchise a lot and I do think there's a real chance someone else can take the content and emotion of a horror shooter and do it better than it's fore-bearers.

PGU: Witcher 3 is a real special game. In many ways it impresses me. There's times I'm blown away by certain aspects and I want to buy right into the "this is the best game ever made" thinking. But then at times there's stuff that happens, and not just glitches, that breaks that illusion and reminds me that yes, it's a real good game but it's also a game that isn't without some notable weakness. I understand the hype. It's been advertised as a luscious prime steak for hardcore RPG enthusiasts and in many ways it offers exactly what it's advertised. But I am a gamer who won't ignore the sort of standards Naughty Dog and Kojima have held themselves to. Where every element, cut-scene, visual, audio, game play, performance, etc are all treated with best in class care. Though in Witcher at one moment I can be impressed by the wonderful foliage laden exploration of the lands but at the next moment I can be fighting a lame Golem boss in a dark cavernous area that looks and feels positively last gen. I could go on, but the balance of offering isn't all there.
But if there's one thing this game has got me on, it's curiosity. I want to know more about what it can and will do, where so much of it feels mysterious to me. It's this franchise that sort of came out of nowhere for me and here it is bringing a wealth of lore and style and behavior that feels it's own. It's a welcome dev to the AAA family and now I can say I'm excited for CDProjekt's next Cyberpunk game.

Last edited by Temjin001 on 5/24/2015 1:13:27 AM

8 years ago

I thought this was an interesting opinion video about narrative design.
Some of the points I can really agree with though in other points surmised from other games I could take argument.
Either way, it's nice seeing that intelligent organized thought reflect on the medium.

8 years ago

I heard there was a major patch coming out towards the end of this week for the Witcher 3 that will fix about 600 issues so hopefully that will give you a smoother experience for the rest of your playthrough Ben.

Just feel lucky it isn't a Bethesda game you probably would have had to start over about 7 times by now if you didn't have multiple save files prepared! XD

slow and smart
slow and smart
8 years ago

3 weeks from now,the best e3 conference [imo] will begin,sunday 14th.
Fallout 4 hoooweeee:World,Beam be ready!
[Doom would also be great,indeed as long as the sp rules]

PGU:Wolfenstein old blood is just fantastic,i just finished the 4th chapter,after this it's The Witcher 3 oh yeah!!i hope the smal text will be patched by then.
i will make many many save's in the witcher game, i learned my lesson with fallout 3

Last edited by slow and smart on 5/24/2015 4:32:12 PM

8 years ago

so first of yeha i can understand you wantin to get back to play the witcher 3 cos everyone is play that atm.

then secoundly for the blood bourne expansion its should be good i know this might be sounds strange coming from me but this DLC might be worth a shot cos its a story(single player) game after all.

now as for DOOM and the old blood repsectively, they look pritty good from what i've seen but obviously for DOOM really need to see a bit more to make a better decision on it.

then finally i'll do the PGU in 2 parts.
part 1 i've had the game crashing bug before on BF4 for the ps4 and i lost my game save twice before i managed to finish the single player on my third attempt. andthen the ps4 getting the short end of the stick on alot of games with bugs. and then to what games to we give a 10/10 score that can be a trick supbject cos its of a very subjective and personal thing and so trying to put objectivity into it can be difficult at time when the gaming community ca be very critical with critics.

then part 2 for me i haven't really play that much this week after from the abligitory BO2 zombies i play with my cousin after school most days. i have play any unchartered for awhile. in saying all that i spent most of my time this week getting ready for my graduation which was on saturday 23rd of may for me friday 22nd may for you guys in the northern hemisphere(US,UK canada europe etc.) which was a big day starting 8:15am finishing around 11pm after watch a movie with the family. oh but i did play a bit of dawn of war soul storm with a couple friends lan over IP(internet) end of yesterday.

happy gaming

8 years ago

on a side note Graduation was pritty awsome

mk ultra
mk ultra
8 years ago

Still haven't finished Bloodborne, need to get on that. And hell yes for a new Doom.

PGU: Gunna try a no death play through of Alien Isolation to get my plat, and I'm about two weeks behind the actual season in The Show. Don't got work till Wednesday!!! I'll actually be able to play games in the day while not half asleep.

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