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We Really Appreciate Bloober Team’s Atonement

Basement Crawl was a mess.

It didn't even warrant a 3 from us and it's by far and away the lowest-scoring game on the PlayStation 4 to date (Metacritic average: 27).

However, developer Bloober Team has sworn to fix the Bomberman clone and they're saying all the right things. Studio boss Marc Colhoun told GameSpot that he "apologizes" to all those who bought the horrid game, and admits that it "was a mess for both you and us."

And here's the part that's especially impressive:

"Usually, what you will see at this point is a lot of marketing talk and maybe a patch. Rather than accepting defeat on this and issuing a patch that kinda fixes this or kinda improves that, we have decided to just come out and explain to you where we are right now and what we plan to do. We have been rebuilding the game, completely from scratch and on a new engine.

I know that this isn’t really the way things are usually done in the industry, but I think that if you have put a bad product out to people it is your job to do what you can to fix that. Even if it means going back to the drawing board on a game that has already been released."

Colhoun added that the re-release won't be a 10/10 or Game of the Year or anything like that, but his team is seeking to "regain the trust of gamers." That's why the restructured game will be given away for free to those who already purchased the original production. They're also actively seeking feedback from players so absolutely everything can be fixed. Is anyone else ready to stand and applaud?

I mean, granted, you need the resources and the willing manpower to make this happen. If Bloober Team had nothing left and the employees had to find other jobs, this project probably couldn't occur. That being said, it's unbelievable that they're willing to rebuild this game from the ground up, and try to make it right. How many times have you seen this before? I'm guessing never. I don't remember ever seeing it, and I've been covering this industry for a long time.

This just proves that the designers are all about producing a great product. One thing I think gamers often forget is that developers are almost always gamers, too. They don't want to release a crappy product any more than you want to play a crappy product. And if they're dedicated and passionate enough, they might do things like this.

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10 years ago

Yeah that it impressive that they will go to these length, I just wonder how it got released in the first place.

9 years ago

Good on them. although I have no idea what game they're talking about.

Lawless SXE
Lawless SXE
9 years ago

Final Fantasy XIV went through a very similar thing with A Realm Reborn. Just sayin'

But credit where credit is due, and mad props to Bloober Team for trying to rectify their mistakes and do right by their paying customers.

9 years ago

"I'm guessing never." Didn't S-E do the same with FFXIV?

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