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Top Game Franchises That Should Make A Triumphant Return On PS5

As Sony prepares to launch its next generation fifth console, I couldn’t help but to take a look back at all of the games and franchises that I’d love to see return, but for whatever reason, haven’t. Games that I loved playing, or franchises that I grew up with as a kid. This list is ranked in no particular order, of course. It’s just some stuff that I used to play, and would love to play again on the PS5.



MotorStorm’s first entry was something of an experience for me. It was my first look at a true next generation racer, and dazzled me with its impressive visuals, physics, and gameplay. Now imagine if they brought MotorStorm back. As a real game, not some offshoot thing. A real, legitimate, genuine, MotorStorm. Ray-tracing, 4K graphics, adaptive trigger support. It’d be a true next generation experience, just like the first MotorStorm was in 2006.


First Entry: 2006 (MotorStorm, PS3) 
Latest Entry: 2012 (MotorStorm RC, PS3, Vita)



I can’t believe it’s been seven long years since we last saw the Helghan Empire. Killzone 2 was my first entry into the franchise, and I fell in love with its relatively unique take on multiplayer. I still play Shadow Fall on my PS4 today, despite it being a seven year old game. Sure, the multiplayer servers aren’t as populated as they were back in 2013, but there’s something just so uniquely fun about the whole experience. No other game has managed to capture the same feeling as Killzone has, and I’d love to see a truly modern next generation take on a franchise that’s well known for pushing the graphical limits of the hardware it runs on. I mean, Shadow Fall still looks amazing in 2020, despite it being a PS4 launch title.


First Entry: 2004 (Killzone, PS2) 
Latest Entry: 2013 (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)


LittleBigPlanet (main series)

Look, I get that LittleBigPlanet lives on in the form of secondary adventure games, such as the upcoming Sackboy: A Big Adventure. But come on, it’s not really the same thing, is it? I mean, where’s the sidescrolling action? Where’s the awesome level creation? It just feels… wrong, for some reason. Sure, Sackboy: A Big Adventure might end up being a great game, and we’re sure to review it when we can, but it doesn’t feel like a LittleBigPlanet title.

I’d love to see a new and proper LittleBigPlanet 4, wouldn’t you?


First Entry: 2008 (LittleBigPlanet, PS3)
Latest Entry: 2014 (LittleBigPlanet 3, PS4)


Twisted Metal

Oh boy, Twisted Metal. I’ve never been majorly into the whole battle royale genre, but Twisted Metal? Well, that’s an exception. Sweet Tooth is such an iconic character in the PlayStation world, it makes me genuinely wonder why Sony hasn’t created a true Twisted Metal sequel since they tried rebooting the franchise on the PS3. I mean, sure; the reboot wasn’t great. But come on! That was in 2012, before the Fortnite and PUBG generation popularized the genre that Twisted Metal has been absolutely owning since 1995.

So please, Sony, or whomever’s in charge of the Twisted Metal IP nowadays. Please, make a true next generation Twisted Metal on the PS5, with ray tracing, and a 100 car online death tournament. Calypso demands it!


First Entry: 1995 (Twisted Metal, PS1, PC)
Latest Entry: 2012 (Twisted Metal, PS3)


Syphon Filter

Okay, okay, I’ll be super upfront with you guys here. I wasn’t personally into the Syphon Filter series. Sure, I dabbled with a game here and there, and have the original PS1 disc sitting out in my living room on a shelf for some reason. But still. Even though I wasn’t the biggest die-hard fan of Syphon Filter, I do remember having a ton of fun with what little I’ve played. Like, if I had to pick between bringing back Syphon Filter or SOCOM, I’d pick Syphon Filter, simply because I played more of it. Though, I’d totally want them to bring back SOCOM as well. Great, now I’m second guessing myself…


First Entry: 1999 (Syphon Filter, PS1)
Latest Entry: 2009 (Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, PSP)



So, I may or may not be including SOCOM in this list because of my general indecision… it’s still a valid entry, and I’d honestly love to be able to play a true SOCOM game on the PS5. So, yeah! Indecision, but valid all the same.


First Entry: 2002 (SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs, PS2)
Latest Entry: 2011 (SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy SEALs, PS3)

ATV Offroad Fury

Okay, so I know this franchise is technically still around. I mean, it merged with THQ’s MX to become MX vs ATV. Which was neat! But also didn’t quite feel the same, ya know? I mostly just want to see a new ATV Offraod Fury game just for the nostalgia of it.


First Entry: 2001 (ATV Offroad Fury, PS2)
Latest Entry: 2009 (ATV Offroad Fury 4, PS2)


Alright, so I suppose that’s pretty much it. Remember, these are just the games that I personally want to see on the PS5. Franchises that I used to love, or otherwise have very fond memories of. Like, for instance, ATV Offroad Fury 3? It introduced me to one of my favourite bands of all time, Slipknot. Before then, I had heard of Slipknot, but never really got majorly into heavy metal. Then I heard Duality on the in-game soundtrack, and absolutely fell in love with the band!

If you’ve got a game or two that you’d like to see make a triumphant return on the PS5, be sure to post it in the comments! Let’s try to open up a discussion here, yeah? I’m sure everyone has something from their childhood that they want to replay with a fresh coat of next generation paint.

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