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Is Walmart Canada Silently Cancelling PS5 Preorders?

If you preordered your PS5 through Walmart Canada, you might want to check your order history. Thousands of Canadians, myself included, are noticing that their preorders are gone, with absolutely no communication from Walmart’s official channels. People all over Twitter are, understandably, freaking out right now.

Alright, so what’s going on? Is Walmart Canada secretly cancelling preorders, and simply not telling anyone? Or is this nothing more than a weird account glitch? Our bet is on this being a glitch, but without any kind of official confirmation from Walmart Canada directly, we can’t help but to assume the worst. We don’t even know when preorders are going to be sent out, and with only two days until launch, it’s beginning to look more and more unlikely that Walmart Canada customers will be able to experience the next generation of gaming on day one.

We reached out to Walmart Canada and will provide an update if we hear back.


So, how about you? Have you had your Walmart preorder mysteriously vanish from your order history? Do you have a shipping date of some kind?

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